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Don Williams



True Restoration, Mind Transformation, and Personal Elevation. These are the three facets that encompass the life’s work, mission, and purpose of Don Williams. Don’s heartfelt desire to help individuals tap into their “True Potential” is the driving force that pushes him to equip returning citizens to become productive and fulfilled in the mission God has called them to. Don’s passion for assisting those who were incarcerated is dear to his heart. He knows all too well how difficult this can be as he personally endured this journey- and now speaks to youth and adults about making the right choices and living a life committed to giving themselves away. Don has been the keynote speaker and trained numerous organizations on a national level. He is an author, entrepreneur, husband, and proud father of six daughters and one son. Don Williams is an innovative force as well as a visionary enhancing the professional and personal lives of the masses “one life at a time”.

Don Williams is available to come to speak at your events, meetings, and conferences.

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